25 January 2016

Love & kisses from Lambeth Council

Mr Mustard thinks that Lambeth Council may not have meant to respond to his Freedom of Information question exactly like this.


  1. Sometimes I'm a bit slow on the uptake, so please bear with me.

    Are you suggesting that this came from someone responsible in the London Borough of Lambeth? (Your email mentioned a misspelled Lewisham). That they've actually drafted a template standard-form refusal reply to Freedom of Information requests which doesn't need any more than filling in the blanks with suitable numbers?

    Surely this could never happen in a well run local authority in a London Borough. Obviously you've received by mistake a test-run for someone's 1 April spoof?


  2. Well spotted Alan. I got in an L of a muddle with which borough it was. It was received from Lambeth & I have corrected the heading but can't edit the html address unfortunately. Sorry Lewisham.


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