18 October 2015

Muddled of Manchester

Mr Mustard's client had paid and parked in Manchester and then wanted to visit another place about a mile away so she drove there and as there was time left on the parking receipt decided not to pay the same council any further monies. This was a misconceived idea but it turned out OK.

A traffic warden passed by and dished out a PCN for "Parked after the expiry of paid for time" as he/she didn't notice that the location paid for was not the one where the vehicle was parked (the receipt showed a code and not a street. Mr Mustard used a Freedom of Information request to identify the location paid for). Mr Mustard appealed on the basis that the contravention had not occurred. As you can see above the council agreed but they can't resist having a poke in their final sentence which rather dilutes their apology.

The council are wrong, if the pay & display ticket on display is for a different location then any PCN for being parked after paying must fail.

Mr Mustard's client won't make that mistake again but it may help anyone in the same situation.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Postscript from the son of the motorist concerned

Another donation heading towards the North London Hospice.

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