10 October 2015

Hedge Fund

Update Monday 12 October 15: The parking process manager (he isn't silly) has cancelled the PCN. Poor lad, back off his holidays to tricksy emails from the local blogger. The state of the car park is being referred upwards to his boss.

10 October 15

Mr Mustard is dealing with a PCN in the Bunns Lane Car Park for parking outside of the bay parkings. It is in the following line of cars; all but the tiny Fiat 500 seem to be outside of the bay.

A parking bay in a car park should, based upon Traffic Management Orders for other car parks, be 5.5m in length. If it isn't then the council can't enforce its rule that the maximum vehicle length which can be parked is 5.5m (and a maximum height of 2m).

Mr Mustard went there in his car which is 4.6m in length so should easily fit into a bay. Did it?

At most then the bays are about 4m in length. Mr Mustard did go for a wander around Mill Hill and spent money in 2 shops to give a traffic warden time to pop by and ticket him. No such luck!

Mr Mustard was also a bit miffed that he had to use his phone to get 3 hours of free parking as there isn't even a single parking meter in this car park, unlike the ones in High Barnet (why not?). The sum due was £nil but the 3 digit security cvv/cv2 code for his credit card was mandatory despite nothing being due to be charged to his card.

edited in blue by Mr Mustard

Mr Mustard took other photographs whilst he was there

If you don't have a phone you won't do your Saturday shopping in Mill Hill

Apparently, this is a blue badge holder's bay!

Rubbish, weeds and broken glass everywhere, lines not clear, bays too short & too narrow

This a VW Polo, not quite 4m in length

now this car does deserve a PCN on a busy day although no harm has been done today
The council are making £7m a year, net of costs, out of parking.

The council need to spend some of it on resurfacing 75% of the car park, removing all the rubbish (including on the stepped path which no-one can use), killing the weeds, cutting the foliage back, remarking the whole car park with bays which are all at least 5.5m long and installing at least one parking meter so that people can pay on the spot with a credit or debit card or obtain a printed receipt for 3 hours of free parking on a Saturday.

Has there been much publicity for these three free hours as Mr Mustard didn't have to fight for a space? The main users were driving instructors who could teach novices to park without any danger of hitting a parked car.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Does the presence of the faded lines suggest perhaps that in repainting the lines, the length of bays has been mistakenly shortened? Perhaps we need the skills of an expert Parkeologist to interpret these ancient traces?

  2. Not a career choice when leaving school is it, white line painter?


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