5 May 2015

Not so pro Force

Union St, High Barnet
If you are a security guarding company and decide to dress your vehicles up to make them look like police cars and thus highly visible then Mr Mustard's advice is to follow the rule of the law and not park for 7 minutes on a double yellow line whilst you buy your lunch in the Victoria Bakery, because, quite simply, you are being hypocritical in breaking the law whilst supposedly being in business to uphold it.

During those 7 minutes a traffic warden had patrolled the next road along, Salisbury Rd, and after that was 30 metres away in the High Street checking on people who had properly paid to park.

Never a traffic warden where you want, when you want, is there?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Indeed Alan there is much information to be gained from PCN data such as why certain types of PCN are too often issued in a location, perhaps the reason is confusing signage etc

    What sharp eyes you have. I blacked out part of the numberplate as it is the wise course & the custom. You can see it is a Pro Force vehicle though. They now undertake many of the same services as the infamous MetPro used to provide locally and from the same offices but that was just a poor management decision, PR wise, when you are a different & separate company.


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