4 March 2015

A half marathon on Mother's Day (15 March 15) - Not an Event Day

Some mothers may well run this half marathon in the morning and then tuck into their well earned Mother's Day lunch (extra roast potatoes please) as usual. Other folk won't know that this race is on and will get snarled up in what Mr Mustard suspects, will be traffic jams around the area of the route. Certainly a restaurant on the A5 doesn't look like a good choice for Mother's day this year. Mr Mustard suggests radiating away from the centre and then looking for a restaurant. An even better idea is to celebrate a day early; she's still your mum and you'll probably get a better meal on the Saturday when the restaurant isn't as pressed or doing "special" prices for Mother's Day.

Here is the roads closed information

Here is the re-opening information

Here is some free car parking information

Immediately south of Mill Hill Broadway is the upper edge of the Saracens Event Day CPZ and given that it is a 30 minute walk one wonders why the zone stretches so far?

Finally some misinformation, from the organiser's website:

Take it from Mr Mustard, who has checked with Barnet Council parking management, 15 March 15 is not an Event Day as they run from 1pm to 6 pm and 99% of runners will have finished before 1pm. If you see signs being changed to that date, please let Mr Mustard know.

On the other hand, be warned that Saturday 14 March 15 is an Event Day.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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