27 October 2014

Consulting you whilst tramlining you - Equalities Act?

The council want to consult you about parking policy but only insofar as they want to hear the answer. The consultation is here and runs until tomorrow.

You would think that the council would be pleased to receive all viewpoints in any form imaginable including in writing from those who do not have a computer, but you would be wrong

So what can you do? You can get all of Mr Mustard's policies into the survey and/or complain that you don't have a computer and so have to write in order not to be disadvantaged.

Here are some of the questions from the surveymonkey survey (you can answer anonymously and use any local postcode)

Mr Mustard suggests strongly disagree to all of those so that whatever pre-decided ideas the council asked these questions to support, are stymied.

You might think that if you said Strongly Agree to Support Local Business you would be answering correctly but that might be intended to give support to the idea of,say, more shared loading and parking bays but they get misunderstood and lead to PCN so Mr Mustard suggests you strongly disagree to everything again.

You can agree with the 85% rule as that is a recognised standard. Mr Mustard suggests you remain undecided on the other question.

Please strongly disagree to both of these. The answer is to have drop off zones for those who have to drive and issuing camera car PCN will only lead to improved revenues for the council, not improved compliance (otherwise after several years of camera cars there would surely be 100% compliance already).

In this road there is a house split into 5 rented rooms. if they all need a car for their travelling salesman jobs then they all need a permit or if you have 3 grown up children who can't afford to move out.

This question is not about safety but about getting public approval to issue PCN by camera on yellow box junctions and the like and to make lots of lovely revenue. Is there a huge problem with blocked yellow boxes in Barnet? Mr Mustard hasn't seen it, most people are sensible. Best to strongly disagree otherwise go an inch into a yellow box and stop and a PCN will drop through your letterbox.

 These two questions are all about revenue raising. Strongly disagree with the first question and strongly agree with the second. Provided the width of a wheelchair remains then having  2 wheels on a kerbstone is not a heinous crime nor is parking on the concreted approach to your own gate which happens to cross a very wide (5m+) grass verge for which you can be ticketed. There questions are harder than they at first appear.

as above.

Look, no mention of cash parking meters. you can have any payment method you like which the council have pre-chosen for you. Lots of people still want to pay with cash, they visit other boroughs instead of Barnet.

Mr Mustard's preferred method when he has to pay is still cash.

Now is the chance to put Mr Mustard's policy into the frame. After all, the council asked for any extra points. Give them Mr Mustard's, they really do want to hear them.

You can go to this link and copy and paste the entire policy suggestions into box 25.

Let's make the council listen to us for once.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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