17 September 2013

A guided walk on upcoming weekends.

 'The Battle of Barnet' - Explore the famous battlefield of 1471.

With Paul Baker, City of London guide
Please phone or email Paul if you are planning to come on a walk.

‘The Battle of Barnet’
Explore the famous battlefield of 1471.

Step back in time to 1471. See how the course of English history was changed on this misty Easter Sunday morning.

Hear about the first known ‘friendly fire’ incident in English history.

Sunday October 20th 2.30pm. 

Saturday Nov 16th 11am. 

Sunday Dec 8th 11am.

Meet at junction of Great North Road and Hadley Green Road. About 100yards north of Pizza Express. 

For more information about Barnet Walks please call (020) 8440 6805 or 07506 761294.
or e-mail pbaker54@hotmail.co.uk

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