18 June 2011

Once upon a time

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11 February 2003

Barnet poaches IDeA’s Walkley

Barnet LBC has poached its new assistant chief executive from the IDeA. Nick Walkley will have responsibility for managing corporate performance, policy improvement, procurement and strategy. He has been at Barnet since March last year on secondment from the IDeA, helping the council prepare for its CPA. He joined the IDeA three years ago, when it was set up, as senior best value consultant and was promoted to acting assistant director for improvement last year.

He has also worked for Haringey and Lewisham LBCs and was director of studies at the University of Liverpool where he lectured in public management.

Mr Walkley said: ‘I am delighted to be joining Barnet. I am impressed by the council’s strong commitment to providing first class services and I believe that Barnet can become an excellent authority within a short space of time.’ 

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