19 March 2024

Barnet Council trip on the kerb


The above is a badly parked car which, despite the driver being in attendance and ready to move, was given a PCN for being adjacent to a dropped kerb.
What you can probably tell from the council's own photograph is that the kerb isn't dropped.
How, therefore, the traffic warden justified issuing a PCN for an alleged contravention of being adjacent to a dropped kerb when there simply isn't one, only they know.
The motorist made their own informal challenge saying that the PCN was ridiculous as there isn't a dropped kerb at the location but that, despite being true, cut no ice.
Barnet Council's response included that the vehicle was adjacent to a dropped footway and, in a line which surprised Mr Mustard, that 'The CEO has a legal obligation to issue PCNs to any vehicle seen parked in contravention'. That tells you a lot about the thinking which goes on in the parking back office which can be summarised as motorists must be punished.
In this case the punishment is not merited.
Mr Mustard wrote the formal representations in response to the Notice to Owner. They were very simple and pointed out the lack of a dropped kerb in Heather Gradens NW11 and included an image taken from google street view.
That didn't convince Barnet Council either who opined that the image I had provided is not conclusive.
Mr Mustard therefore had to pop to the location in question and take photographs. Here is one of them, anyone who can see a dropped kerb here needs their eyes tested.

What the council have forgotten is that at the tribunal the council have to prove their case before any argument needs to be presented by the keeper. This will be fun. Mr Mustard has started an Appeal at the tribunal. He expects the towel to be thrown in pretty quickly.

The end (for now).

p.s. Please don't park this close to junctions.

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