28 April 2021

Barnet - blue badge stolen? - tough, have a PCN

The theory goes that councils are there, in part, to serve the public. That is the theory, the reality is cruel and unhelpful.

The adjudicator has done the best then can in accordance with their duties and the law. Mr Mustard doesn't know the outcome, as he wasn't acting in this case, but does hope that on fourth thoughts (they had possibly rejected the motorist at the informal stage and definitely at the formal stages and then decided to fight the Appeal so had already had ample opportunity to do the decent thing) some common sense and decency will prevail.

Challenges to PCNs are made in remote back offices or even home offices at the present. There is no independent oversight of the process. Mr Mustard thinks that if a council officer had to sit opposite the motorist and tell them why they were refusing the challenge that a lot of more sensible decisions would be made.

Mr Mustard doubts there are sensible measures in place to assist blue badge holders who are the victim of crime. The very least they should do is put the registration number of the affected motorist onto a white list for 6 weeks so that they do not get a PCN within Barnet during the time it takes to get a replacement badge.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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