24 February 2020

Emergency PCN - nothing must come before revenue raising

Here is another decision by an independent adjudicator putting to the sword Barnet Council's terrible moral standards. When driving along and an ambulance wants to come past we should all make way for it if we can. Would you want your ambulance delayed because other motorists refused to get out of the way for fear of receiving a £130 PCN? - no, Mr Mustard thought not.

There really does need to be an outside body to keep a tight rein on the dubious moral standards exhibited by local authorities, and Barnet Council are not alone in this. There hasn't been a survey of the opinion of residents in Barnet for some time but the low regard in which Barnet Parking was held will not improve whilst harsh decisions like this one are being taken.

Sod traffic management, this is all about the revenue.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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