25 January 2019

Barnet motorists - hefty bills - are councillors really bothered?

a large bill if ever there was one
Mr Mustard read this story in the local Times newspaper


This snippet suggests that ruling councillors aren't bothered enough about air quality

What they are usually bothered about, in Mr Mustard's experience, is balancing the budget, which always includes a hefty contribution from the Special Parking Account i.e. from drivers.

Here is some procurement activity that they voted in favour of at a meeting of the Policy & Resources committee in December 18 at which councillors Cohen & Zinkin were both present

They plan to spend far more on implementing money raising levies than on air quality.

You have been warned. Best start the uprising now before they get too far into your wallet or purse & make the ULEZ look like chicken feed.

You can contact Dean here cllr.d.cohen@barnet.gov.uk 

& Peter here cllr.p.zinkin@barnet.gov.uk

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


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