2 April 2018

Engineering payment failure

This is the sign that tells you how to pay by text within the London Borough of Barnet.

Some people still use text as they do not have a touch screen phone and even some that do have one still like to use text.

Having done exactly what you are told this is the message you get back.

The council have a duty to adequately sign the restrictions in place at each location which previously was standard signs with arrows pointing to meters i.e. not only the times have to be stated but also where to pay. If the council insist that you pay by phone they must give you the correct information with which to do so. Has no-one thought to update the signs?

Does the council have the right to waste your time & possibly money texting an out of date number? It wouldn't be procedurally fair but that is where we are.

If you get a PCN because your text payment went wrong, this may give you grounds of escape.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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