18 November 2017

Mind the gap

Torrington Park
A contractor working on behalf of the council has blocked the width restriction and left the only possible route as the bus gate. Mr V therefore drove through it and made representations against the inevitable PCN that there was a truck in the way which was broken down or was there for some other reason. Here is the council's response:

 What Mr Mustard expects is:

a. the video to be looked at more closely so that the council realise the van is almost certainly engaged in works at the location and a cancellation on the grounds of common sense
b. the workmen not to block the route unless it is necessary by reasons of safety
c. a road closure order to be in place to make the council's actions lawful
d. the council to make enquiries of its workers as to what they are messing about at and to instruct them not to obstruct the Queen's highway in the future nor to act in such a way as to make moving traffic contraventions more likely
e. diversion signs to be posted well in advance of the restriction.

Anyway, the vehicle owner appealed to the tribunal and the council cancelled the PCN as soon as they were notified of the hearing by the tribunal.

The council look to have behaved cynically in rejecting the prior representations.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. And what council was this, pray ?

  2. Would he have received a PCN if he had, instead, driven on the wrong side of the road and through the width restriction for those going the other way?

    Presumably there isn't a no-entry sign on that...

    I was under the impression that it was allowed to move to the other side of the road if the correct side is blocked (e.g. by a parked van) - does this apply here? Or for simple traffic islands?

  3. I think that going through the wrong lane is not a contravention as signed (but it is in the traffic order) although it is more dangerous.

    Going through the middle is a contravention but one which I would expect a reasonable council to forgive.

    1. I agree with you going through the other side is dangerous.


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