2 September 2016

Make an error - make up to £110 for Barnet Council

No. 4 Church Walk has the tree and the dark blue For Sale board outside it.

No. 1 Church Walk is to the top right of picture.

Mr Mustard's latest client parked where the blue saloon car is to the centre left of picture, next to all the nettles. This is the back of a garage from the next street and so does not have a number.

She received a PCN for being in the part of the bay that was suspended. Quite simply, it isn't, and any competent traffic warden should be able to work that out. Sadly an incompetent one, or maybe just a confused one if you are being charitable, could not work it out. So many people, especially the elderly, would just pay up - you really shouldn't do that. You must fight or this sort of thing will never stop. Mr Mustard will make a complaint.

A traffic warden has to 'believe' a contravention has been committed before issuing a PCN. There is no right to such a belief in this case. There really should be automatic compensation for the motorist's time, trouble, stress & inconvenience in such blatant cases of council error.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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