7 December 2015


The white envelope above is the one in which the Notice of Rejection was sent out, probably by NSL on behalf of Barnet Council parking department but possibly by the council themselves.

It arrived OK without suffering a £2 surcharge
which would really have been an extra poke in the eye, but it isn't enough that the envelope actually arrived. If you have a permit and don't display it or if you don't pay for your parking, even though you meant to, then you are liable to receive a PCN . Similarly, if the council's Notice arrives but the council didn't send it first class (and this was sent unstamped which is no class at all) then the council have committed a procedural impropriety as Notices (and the Notice of Rejection is a notice) must be sent first class.

Mr Mustard knows that the envelope is the one which contained the Notice of Rejection from Barnet Council as it is a PremierTeam 731450 envelope and Mr Mustard has hundreds of them bearing a franking mark like the one on the brown envelope above (which was torn from an Evidence Pack).

Please keep all the envelopes that your Notices come in as Mr Mustard may need them if he is acting for you.

Yours frugally (but clearly not as frugal as the council have been)

Mr Mustard

Update 8 December (all's well that ends well)

Morning Mr Mustard (real name actually used)

The Notice has been cancelled, it appears that the member of staff who sent out the NoR didn’t check to see if it was correctly franked, I will speak to their team leader. I apologise on behalf of the service.  

Kind regards

Process Manager


Mr Mustard nearly always tells senior parking management when NSL (or the parking department themselves) have blundered as it saves time & trouble all round. In this case Mr Mustard has not had to complete and post off the Notice of Appeal. NSL have not had to respond and spend 2 hours preparing an Evidence Pack. the council have not had to pay a close to £40 tribunal fee when the outcome was an inevitable loss. This is why the two parties talk to each other. When they can't agree then the tribunal decide the correct position.

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