1 June 2015

Please donate to the North London Hospice

Here is a lovely email which just dropped into the Mr Mustard inbox.

Ref: 14379
01 June 2015

Dear Mr Mustard

I am writing to let you know that we have received further donations in your honour and in return for help with penalty charges. The overall total, and absolutely incredible amount is £1,876, which is such an amazing amount for the Hospice. I would like to thank you yet again for your continued and much valued support.

The further donations have been made by Keith, Daniel, Barry, Frank, Natalie, Gerald, Leo,
Malcolm, Hilary, Lesley, Mr M, Linda, Barbara, Mr A, Miss K, Jacqueline, Chaim, David, Ilana and Harry.

In 2014 our specialist community team were able to carry out 6,754 home visits. Our vision is that everyone in our diverse community who is affected by a potentially life limiting illness will have equal access to the services and support they need to optimise their quality of life.

It’s through your support and generosity that we are able to achieve this goal.

Thank you once again for your kindness – it is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Fundraising Department
Tel: 020 8343 8841

Mr Mustard supports the hospice because they looked after his late wife so well in 2005.

You don't have to receive a PCN in order to support the Hospice, you can make them a donation just because of the valuable work they do. You can donate here.

If you are cash poor but time rich, you could give your time instead.

Yours gratefully

Mr Mustard

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