13 January 2015

Future & value of libraries meeting - 14 Jan at 7pm

Just a reminder that tomorrow the Mill Hill group are hosting a public meeting on the future and value of libraries.

On the panel will be authors Deborah Moggach and SF Said alongside Andrew Dismore AM, Matthew Offord MP and other local politicians.

VENUE:                Hartley Hall, Flower Lane, Mill Hill, NW7 2JA
TIME:                  7pm, Wednesday 14/01/15

You can RVSP here.

With a current total of 6,383 signatures we are almost at that Golden 7,000. If reached we will be able to dominate proceedings at the Full Council Meeting ensuring Councillors can hear how much Barnet residents value their libraries.

We cannot win with this alone. Councillors need to hear from residents about how they love and value their libraries in their own lives. Writing to councillors is an excellent way of ensuring they hear these views.

I strongly recommend you write to your councillors explaining why you think the libraries should remain open. A personal story can make such an impact as it brings to life how disastrous their proposals are. Remember; we were promised a council tax cut because savings were made, not at the expense of our treasured services. The 21p a week savings on our council tax bill, when combined, could cover the proposed library cuts. Here is a list of councillors and their emails;

Brunswick Park
cllr.a.ioannidis@barnet.gov.uk - Andreas Ioannidis (Lab), cllr.k.levine@barnet.gov.uk - Kathy Levine (Lab), cllr.l.rutter@barnet.gov.uk - Lisa Rutter (Con)

Burnt Oak
cllr.c.farrier@barnet.gov.uk - Claire Farrier (L), cllr.a.naqvi@barnet.gov.uk - Ammar Naqvi (L), cllr.c.omacauley@barnet.gov.uk - Charlie O-Macauley (L)

Childs Hill
cllr.j.cohen@barnet.gov.uk - Jack Cohen (LibDem), cllr.s.ryde@barnet.gov.uk - Shimon Ryde (C) , cllr.p.zinkin@barnet.gov.uk - Peter Zinkin (C)

cllr.n.narenthira@barnet.gov.uk - Nagus Narenthira (L), cllr.g.sargeant@barnet.gov.uk - Gill Sargeant (L), cllr.z.zubairi@barnet.gov.uk - Zakia Zubairi (L)

cllr.p.coakleywebb@barnet.gov.uk - Pauline CoakleyWebb (L), cllr.r.patel@barnet.gov.uk - Reema Patel (L), cllr.b.rawlings@barnet.gov.uk - Barry Rawlings (L)

East Barnet
cllr.r.challice@barnet.gov.uk - Rebecca Challice (L), cllr.p.cohen@barnet.gov.uk - Philip Cohen (L), cllr.l.williams@barnet.gov.uk - Laurie Williams (L)

East Finchley
cllr.a.mittra@barnet.gov.uk - Arjun Mittra (L), cllr.a.moore@barnet.gov.uk - Alison Moore (L), cllr.a.orbach@barnet.gov.uk - Alon Or-bach (L)

cllr.b.gordon@barnet.gov.uk - Brian Gordon (C), cllr.h.hart@barnet.gov.uk - Helena Hart (C), cllr.j.scannell@barnet.gov.uk - Joan Scannell (C)

Finchley Church End
cllr.e.greenspan@barnet.gov.uk - Eva Greenspan (C), cllr.g.old@barnet.gov.uk -Graham Old (C), cllr.d.thomas@barnet.gov.uk -Daniel Thomas (C)

Garden Suburb
cllr.j.marshall@barnet.gov.uk - John Marshall (C), cllr.g.rozenberg@barnet.gov.uk -Gabriel Rozenberg (C), cllr.d.seal@barnet.gov.uk -Daniel Seal (C)

Golders Green
cllr.d.cohen@barnet.gov.uk - Dean Cohen (C), cllr.m.cohen@barnet.gov.uk -Melvin Cohen (C), cllr.r.thompstone@barnet.gov.uk -Reuben Thompstone (C)

cllr.t.davey@barnet.gov.uk -Tom Davey (C), cllr.k.lyons@barnet.gov.uk - Kitty Lyons (L), cllr.h.rayner@barnet.gov.uk -Hugh Rayner (C)

cllr.m.braun@barnet.gov.uk - Maureen Braun (C), cllr.a.finn@barnet.gov.uk - Anthony Finn (C), cllr.m.shooter@barnet.gov.uk -Mark Shooter (C)

High Barnet
cllr.d.longstaff@barnet.gov.uk - David Longstaff (C), cllr.b.perry@barnet.gov.uk - Bridget Perry (C), cllr.w.prentice@barnet.gov.uk - Wendy Prentice (C)

Mill Hill
cllr.v.duschinsky@barnet.gov.uk - Val Duschinsky (C), cllr.j.hart@barnet.gov.uk - John Hart (C), cllr.s.khatri@barnet.gov.uk - Sury Khatri (C)

cllr.s.rajput@barnet.gov.uk - Sachin Rajput (C), cllr.b.salinger@barnet.gov.uk - Brian Salinger (C), cllr.s.sowerby@barnet.gov.uk -Stephen Sowerby (C)

cllr.a.cornelius@barnet.gov.uk - Alison Cornelius (C), cllr.r.cornelius@barnet.gov.uk - Richard Cornelius (C), cllr.e.greenspan@barnet.gov.uk - Caroline Stock (C)

cllr.p.edwards@barnet.gov.uk - Paul Edwards (L), cllr.t.roberts@barnet.gov.uk - Tim Roberts (L), cllr.a.trevethan@barnet.gov.uk - Amy Trevethan (L)

West Finchley
cllr.r.houston@barnet.gov.uk - Ross Houston (L), cllr.k.mcguirk@barnet.gov.uk - Kath McGuirk (L), cllr.j.tierney@barnet.gov.uk - Jim Tierney (L)

West Hendon
cllr.d.kay@barnet.gov.uk - Dr Devra Kay (L), cllr.a.langleben@barnet.gov.uk - Adam Langleben (L), cllr.a.slocombe@barnet.gov.uk - Agnes Slocombe (L)

cllr.g.cooke@barnet.gov.uk - Geof Cooke (L), cllr.a.hutton@barnet.gov.uk - Anne Hutton (L), cllr.a.schneiderman@barnet.gov.uk - Alan Schneiderman (L)

I hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow night!

Kindest Regards,

Alasdair Hill

#savebarnetlibraries @savebarnetlibs facebook.com/savebarnetlibraries

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