29 November 2011

"Learn from their success and mistakes"

Well how interesting. The heading was taken from the Capita conference brochure ( below ) which you can download in full here. So it is success in the singular and mistakes in the plural

Here is the brochure for your delectation and delight.

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So there you will see one Andrew Travers, the £1,000 a day Chief Financial Officer, speaking at a Capita conference ( Mr Mustard wonders if Capita are paying him for today or if Barnet Council tax payers are? ) So will he be speaking about success or failures? Make you own mind up, although the following might help you.

As luck would have it, the corporate performance results of Barnet Council for the 3 months ended 30 September 2011 are out today. You can get them, and lots of other stuff, on the Barnet Council website here or in the box below.

Corporate Performance results Q2 2011-12 Barnet Council

You don't have to go far ( summary on page 4, detail on pages 16/17 ) to see the results for the two targets set for the Deputy Chief Executive and they are both red i.e. as bad as it is possible for them to be. In fact his directorate is the worst performing of all of them with all of his targets in the worst performing category. None were pretty and Corporate Governance weren't far behind in the poor performance stakes. Notice also the DoT ( direction of travel ). Things are getting worse.

Who would want such a low performer to speak at their conference, oh Crapita do, absolutely nothing to do with them bidding for huge contracts at Barnet Council and hoping to curry a bit of favour ( see Mrs Angry's blog on this subject, she was on the bed ball this morning ).

Wouldn't your time have been better spent in improving the performance of what you are paid a vast amount to mismanage ? rather than gallivanting off to the Lancaster Hotel ? Enjoy your lunch.

If amongst Mr Mustard's readers today there are any delegates to this conference would you please send him a copy of the Travers handout. Much obliged.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Just a total irrelevance, I know, but...

    Regarding the conference's documentation, I notice the PDF of the conference is £95 plus 20% VAT, whereas a printed copy is £95 and zero-rated.

    That is a bit of an anomaly in this day and age, really.

    Is there VAT on a Kindle download?

  2. Sorry to go on and on, but there's a story on one of your links:


    where a Don't Call Me Dave gives his occupation as "Councillor". Which, as the blog points out, isn't a job. Or at least, it isn't supposed to be.

  3. How interesting baarnett and weren't you up past your bedtime? Mr Musatrd has long since given up on vat anomalies. Vat is charged on luxury items so he doesn't see how this handout qualifies.

    Mr Mustard glanced at your comments at 05.30 ( too excited to sleep at the thought of another day spent blogging ) and thought that it was our very own Don't call me Dave who thought he was a councillor. An interesting article on Rotherham Politics ( have ignored the party point scoring ) but not knowing one's own name - oh dear; occupation Councillor, oh dear again - it's a sinecure for many in Barnet.


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