7 September 2011

You wait months for a forum and then two come along at once

So here we have the poster for the official Barnet Council Resident's Forum at which you can ask any question that Barnet Council let you ask! See this earlier post on the subject, here.

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So all you can ask about is local street based and environmental issues. No difficult questions please and nothing that anyone has asked about in the last 6 months. They will be short and uninformative and undemocratic meetings. Mr Mustard will not be at them. If the person who designs this poster does not know how to use the apostrophe Mr Mustard suggests that you rename the forums the Forum for Residents to side-step your problem ( it should be Residents' Forum if you are interested i.e. the forum for a multiple number of residents. If only one resident shows up then it will be the Resident's Forum )

The new earlier time of 6pm is also too early as many people work until 5.30 and if they work out of borough, as the majority do, then it is impossible to get there on time. The previous start time of 7pm was a better one.

Mr Mustard did think that someone independent should run the forums and the Barnet Alliance of Public Services has acted. This organisation brings many folk together and you can read about them on their website here. So here is the poster for the meeting at which you will be able to ask anything that you like. It will be interesting to see how many councillors turn up from the ruling party, the ones who are making the decisions, stupid ones like removing parking meters.

Mr Mustard hopes to get to this meeting.

If you haven't been to a Residents' Forum before, why not go to both and see which format you prefer.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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