12 September 2011

Traffic lights in Barnet keep sticking on Red - Q1 2010-11

So here we have the performance report for the whole council for the first quarter of 2010-11 i.e. April to June 2010. Mr Mustard has taken you back a year so that we can look together this week at the trend of the last year or so. 

The representation by horizontal stacked bar charts was not the clearest of methods and has been changed for 2011/12. 

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If you look carefully at the heading you will see that this was v2 of the chart. Perhaps v1 was too bad for the public to be allowed to see?

So out of the 11 main measurements for the first quarter 6 were good and 5 were bad. Not a good start to the year. The number of measurements taken increases as the year goes on. The measurements are called CPI's - Corporate Performance Indicators. Note that there are more than 11 blobs of colour because related measures like 19a & 19b are pooled to give an overall score in CPI 19.

So bad at recycling because too much waste is going to landfill ( more education needed for citizens? )

Look over 2,000 people in temporary accommodation. Mr Mustard recalls the council trumpeting the reduction in its waiting list. Is there any connection?

CPI.12 is a shocker. The council has only rent reviewed 3.5% of the rents on commercial properties that it owns. That leads to lost money. See the note at 00.36 on 28 Nov here.

CPI18a is also awful and will be a recurring theme throughout the year. Only 56.7% of phone calls answered within 5 rings. The number of unanswered calls would be an interesting CPI.
Overall performance?

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Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. sorry, Mr Mustard,the image is a little unclear: is this the Chief Executive, or the Dep Chief Executive?
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  2. Sorry Mrs A about the vague picture.

    If the cap fits any of the senior management they can wear it.


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