7 September 2011

A one-man performance appraisal system - I don't think it will catch on

As you know from reading my blog each directorate of the council gets a quarterly performance appraisal which is a process entirely conducted within the council (as far as Mr Mustard is aware).

Mr Mustard will be bringing you the report on the newly formed Environment, Planning and Regeneration directorate's performance overview in the next few days but thought that you might like to see first of all what Cllr. Brian Coleman, a member of the Cabinet made of it. The members of the cabinet are in effect senior councillors, the kind from whom one would normally expect to receive words of wisdom and leadership.

Parking is part of this Directorate. You will have to judge for yourself what effect this performance appraisal will have on staff morale and whether that is the sort of leadership you might want to use in your own organisation. 

Is it the sort of language that should be used in the council chamber? 

Barnet's Parking Service is a "Pile of Crap" from The Barnet Bugle Ltd on Vimeo.

Yours frugally
Mr Mustard

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  1. Ignoring Brian Coleman's three craps, let Mr Mustard draw the attention of members and senior officers to a Local Government Information Unit training day on 8th November:
    "An Introduction to Local Government Finance".

    How that would prove useful in Barnet!

    And since it only runs from 10am to 3pm, they could all nip down on the Northern Line or a bus in the morning, and be back to do a spot of work afterwards.


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