16 September 2011

53 temps = over budget - Surely not

I am sure that readers will be familiar with my earlier post about the ridiculous number of temps that were in the Revenue & Benefits department. If not, click here.

News now reaches Mr Mustard of an email sent to staff in Revenues & Benefits some of whom were working to rule and some of whom went on a half day strike and got locked out of work for a whole day and a whole day's pay is to be deducted. That action of deducting an entire day's pay when the strike was planned to start at 1pm upsets Mr Mustard's sense of justice and fair play. Mr Mustard would be ringing the union or his Solicitor if he happened to be an employee in this department. Mr Mustard isn't working these days and has experience of finance so he might just stick an application in with Hays and see if he can get some temp work so he can find out first hand what is going on.

Anyway, back to the email. What did it say. One element was this :-

due to the need to operate within a balanced budget ...........
there will be no more Saturday or evening overtime working for the forseeable future.

Let's get this right. The management employ 53 temps at a cost of £9,000 a day and then suddenly find that they are over budget. The village idiot would have seen that one coming. 

Have the temps left now?
Are the temps still being offered overtime working?
Why are the staff not being offered overtime as they must know more about the benefits system than a bunch of temps? 
It is of course nothing to do with them working to rule or going on strike. No, absolutely not, how could you even think that Mr Mustard, you naughty man.
How will the query arrears be dealt with?

Stupid, vindictive and incompetent management at Barnet Council. Never.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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