8 September 2011

Spot the difference - executive version

Regular readers will remember we played this game with the MetPro brochures. Evidently non-stick Nick Walkley enjoyed the game as he has brought out his own version today. Here it is.

Version One given out in the morning.

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and then Version Two in the afternoon.

Eagle eyed readers will have spotted that the first letter contains the threat of an injunction being taken out in the High Court. 

Mr Mustard wonders if that will cost more than the 1/2 day strike itself? This is something he will look at once the dust settles.

Mr Mustard also wonders if it is an example of one of those super-injunctions that are kept secret but no-one told the Chief Executive that this was the case?

As well as the wasted costs of these letters being produced, and the fine job they will have done in turning undecided staff against One Barnet there are all the demented posters ( thank you Vicki for the description - see Vicki's blog here ) that have sprouted overnight all over the North London Business Park ( isn't it a breach of the lease to put posters on the walls? ) and at other council buildings. 
What vast sum has this ridiculous idea cost? and who is going to measure the effect on staff morale? Will it go up or down after a round robin message from the Chief Executive?  
Cllr. Coleman doesn't take note of round robin emails so why should the staff? 

Are posters a recognised management technique? Mr Mustard hears that the staff are spitting nails. Would you dear reader like to see these types of poster everywhere at your workplace? Would they stop you from striking?

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Mr Mustard usually confines himself to finance and democracy and so you will find further information on the blogs of the other famous five Barnet bloggers whose sites are listed on the right hand side of the page. Enjoy.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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