13 September 2011

Traffic lights on red Q2 2010-11

Q2 is quarter 2 and is for the months of July to September 2010.

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So that looks like 21 green indicators and 9 red ones, and not good at the concept of sharing at Barnet Council. Let's look at the detail.

A radical rethink is needed on the subject of waste ( and recycling) and that might solve the Pinkham Way problem at the same time.

This may well be a page of green but look at how weak the targets are. Percentage of contracts that have been reviewed; so that just means someone has looked and decided if a contract ( probably non-existent in paper form ) needs to be properly negotiated or documented. Then the next target is about negotiations have started, that is just an email or a phone call to the supplier to tell them the ball has started rolling. A target of completed negotiations would have been more of a realistic challenge.

A target of 65% to pick up a telephone within 5 rings. Not exactly stretching is it? As is often the case there is an error in the table that no-one at Barnet Council has noticed and/or bothered to correct. On line 5, 17b should be 18.

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Mr Mustard

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