22 September 2011

Red & green pies Q1 2011-12

Thank goodness someone at Barnet Council has realised that the previous graphics used were not one's which the brain interpreted easily. Our brains cope easily with pie charts. The pies are pretty. Pretty appalling! 

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Performance is going from bad to worse. It's obvious from the pie chart format that things are pretty rotten - look at the size of the red segments.

Have you ever seen so many missed targets? Some, like pledgebank, will probably be red for ever, well at least until the day that pledgebank is quietly dropped ( there won't be a press release for that ).

Instead of messing about with One Barnet Mr Mustard thinks that you should spend your time having a radical rethink of waste and recycling and start again with a clean sheet.
In the perfect world how would waste and recycling be organised?
How can the amount of waste generated by people be reduced in the first place?

Look at that. Only 48.3% of telephone calls were answered within 20 seconds. That probably means that a huge number were never answered at all. It's a shambles and a disgrace. On emails, 1 in 5 were not answered within 10 days. Get back to basics Barnet Council. If you scrapped One Barnet and started to become boring reliable council, no stupid schemes like Pledgebank and the Innovation "Bank" giveaway then you would find that the number of complaints plummeted and the Barnet bloggers would reduce their output, because if you were perfect there would be nothing to pick up on. Now there's an idea worth some thought.

Is it really a good idea to reduce the number of vendors ( suppliers ). You presumably want to support local businesses? and you also need to have at least two in competition for every service in order to keep them on their toes and the price down.

Now these figures for parking income. Down from 3.1 to 2.6. Is that £millions because you don't say what it is. Why has the income gone down.

Well these are the probable reasons :-

When PCN's fines were increased people responded by better compliance ( a good thing )
When car park & permit charges went up some people decided to park elsewhere and avoid the charges ( personal budgets are tight )
Everyone stocked up on £1 visitor vouchers and won't be buying them at £4. My future visitors will be asked to park in The Spires.

Mr Mustard has already predicted that the roads will be worse than ever this winter ( I hope you are reading this Cllr Rutter ) and look even in summer the council cannot keep up with filling in potholes which means that there will be more compensation claims for damaged wheels than there could be. For want of a nail...

Overall performance - pie-eyed!

Pie-eyed ( from Time magazine )
Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. yes, but who ate all the pies? Was it Councillor Coleman?

  2. He might might relish them with some pickle & mustard Mrs A ?


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