16 September 2011

Red traffic lights - Q1of 2011-12 ( April to June 2011 )

Here we are with the latest performance report for the whole council. The silly charts have been changed for nice, simple easy to understand pie charts. What you can now see is that about half of every pie is performing very badly as it's red.

Look, overall a pie that is half red. A terrible performance.
Red red red.

Wow. 14 homes out of about 200,000 that have extra insultation = green performance. Unbelievable!

48% of telephone calls answered within 20 seconds. Appalling failure.
20% of emails not replied to within 2 weeks. 
Barnet Council has left the basics behind in its rush to One Barnet.

Reducing the number of vendors by nearly 4,000 will inevitably hit Barnet's small businesses. Stupid idea.
Parking income levels of 3.1? - 3.1 what? Target missed by a mile in any event.

Oh dear, pot holes not being rectified quickly, and in summer to boot. Wait until winter sets in.
Target 1003; don't start any new dwellings in 3 months. Target met!

The council year 2011/12 has started very badly.

Will it get better or worse.

Worse, probably.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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