14 September 2011

Traffic lights on red - Q3 2010-11

So we were are in the third quarter - the months of October to December 2010.

Overall less items have been measured which is odd in itself and the tendency is towards more red & less green especially in "Better services for less money" probably because as the year goes on budget overspends are more likely.

Waste & housing still causing problems.

It is hard to believe the slackness of Barnet Council when it comes to having proper contractual arrangements with suppliers. Only 16% of suppliers have formal contracts. Mr Musatrd seems to recall having read somewhere that the chief executive Nick Walkley is an expert in procurement. That "expertise" does not seem to have rubbed off onto his management team.

It would be more open and transparent if we could see the actual numbers for items like the number of emails responded to within 10 days as well as the percentage.

More volunteers needed. 

Does Barnet Council really provide an inspiration for people to volunteer for something? Does every employee spend some time volunteering? Is there a scheme for this like there is at Barclays, Goldman Sachs etc and it forms part of your annual objectives.

Mr Mustard will have to ask.

Maybe it is time to turn away from One Barnet as it causes many of the red signals ?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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