19 September 2011

Results of the Nick Walkley Poll - Unlikely to be asked for his autograph.

You will recall the recent blog post to see if the readers of this blog, politically aware the vast majority of them one would think, knew what the Chief Executive of Barnet Council "non-stick" Nick Walkley actually looked like. The answer is that most people didn't know.

For ease of reference here are the photos again.


So who are these people? Well photos 1,2 & 3 all came up in google images when a search was made for Andrew Travers. They aren't all called Andrew Travers and none of them are the £1,000 a day Andrew Travers that we know and don't love. Photos 1 & 3 had one vote each.

Photos 4,5 & 6 all came up after an image search for Nick Walkley. Number 4, definitely called Nick but surname unknown, only gained 1 vote. The toddler, received 7 votes, possibly from people who thought that a toddler would do a better job? The real Nick Walkley got 13 votes.

Photo 7 is Max Wide who led Barnet down the garden One Barnet path to outsourcing gold which is of course absolutely not to do with the fact that he works for BT who want to profit from outsourced work. Max had 5 votes to his name.

Photo 8 is Matthew Offord MP formerly a councillor at Barnet Council. Only 1 vote for Matthew.

Photo 9 is Mike Freer MP also formerly a councillor at Barnet Council.

So in summary only 37% of voters knew what the Chief Executive looked like and as many readers of this blog work for Barnet Council it is perhaps about time that he got himself out of the executive suite and wandered about Barnet's various offices and introduced himself to the staff and chatted to them about how their job could be done better ( no, naughty readers, not by outsourcing it ) . 

Isn't that what good managers do?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Sorry: but you are mistaken - no 7 is definitely the manager of Tescos in Finchley Central. He used to work on the fish counter.

    Walkley is probably relieved no one knows what he looks like.I would be, in his shoes.

  2. And isn't there a fishy section at the north London Business Park ? - quite an extensive one I hear ( and smell )


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