23 September 2011

Security - every 3 years - nothing happens

I hope that you have all read Mrs Angry's blog post here about tenders for security services mysteriously not being completed in 2006.

Fast forward to 2009 and the following Delegated Powers Report.

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So did that DPR end up with a security contract? It seems not.

Fast forward again to the post MetPro panic. What is happening. Well a temporary arrangement was made ( popular those arrangements - much quicker than boring formal contracts that take ages to negotiate ) to extend another security providers service under emergency powers and to arrange a tender of security services which will doubtless take us into 2012. So every 3 years a tender of security is organised, at what cost? and then it falls down a crack in the pavement and never results in a formal signed contract. Here is DPR 1315 which mentions the proposed tender:

Ooh look, Captain Craig Cooper signed this DPR. An ugly rumour reached Mr Mustard that Captain Cooper is no longer flavour of the month, if he ever was?, and that he is off to join a new regiment. It might be less dangerous off the One Barnet battlefield Mr Cooper. Do let Mr Mustard know if you are about to break camp so that you get a suitable send-off. If Captain Cooper does depart this could well be the reason why the security contract doesn't come to fruition yet again and bloggers are still blogging about MetPro in 2015. The stuff of nightmares.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Is it true he is joining the French Foreigh Legion? Beau Geste and all that. No: Beau jest.

    But the 2009 DPR is just extraordinary: what on earth lies behind the failure to act then on such unregulated 'arrangements'?

  2. You could well be right Mrs A. Get oneself out of the danger zone that is the North London Business Park and into the safety of, say, Afghanistan or la Reunion ( possibly the second of those could be a comfy billet )

    To save time for anyone else who wants to enlist, here si the website. It's most fascinating.



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