15 September 2011

Traffic light sequence 2010-11 whole council

So far this week you have seen the quarterly performance reports for the whole council and a sorry set of charts it has been. What Mr Mustard has done, and which he doubts that anyone at the council bothers to do, is to put the four quarterly reports together. Here they are:-

Q1 10/11 Q2 10/11 Q3 10/11 Q4 10/11

Item Sharing opportunities & responsibilities ?
1 Social budgets

4 Kids results

7 Early years

19 Waste %

27 Private rehousing

Better services with less money ?
2 OAP independent

8 Foster care

9 Children in care

10 Contract management

11 Formal contracts %

12 Rental voids

13 Scrutiny decisions

14 Scrutiny policy

15 Publication scheme

16 Participation

17 Value For Money

18 Customer service

25 Temp accom

26 Homeless

28 Regulation

Successful London Suburb ?
3 Volunteers

5 Ofsted good

???????? ?????????
6 5 GCSE

20 Local area satisfaction

21 Crime

22 Road repair

23 Extra family homes

24 Extra homes

What do we notice from this summary ? 

A lot of red. 

That some indicators just disappear ( like 4 & 7 ) Is there a good reason. Shouldn't there be some consistency from one quarter to the next if the accusation that statistics are being fiddled is not to be made. 

That waste, private rehousing, foster care, temporary accommodation, homeless people, and volunteers supporting adult social services objectives have all been a problem for most or all of the year and have not been tackled ( or if they have been tackled, then not very well ). 

Wouldn't fixing these put the community first and make for a successful London suburb?   

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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