23 September 2011

New name - same old poor performance

So the department for Environment, Planning & Regeneration is new so Mr Mustard won't give its first performance overview the complete kicking that it deserves. He will save it for the next quarter.

Here it is anyway; a sea of red.

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The usual sea of red, especially in HR which is managed by a contractor who doesn't seem to be managing?

Mr Mustard isn't convinced that taking away free parking bays has made the borough a better place. It was a grubby money raising strategy.

Heading on one page, detail on the next. As useful as usual.

Sorry it is sideways; out of Mr Mustard's control. Not much green ?

Waste is still a problem. Barnet in the 3rd or 4th quartile, i.e. towards the bottom.

Our roads are falling part and not enough PCN's being dished out.

Be careful with the waste graph on the left which appears to show a huge variance. If you redraw it and mote that it starts with 0.6 tonnes on the scale to the left the variance is much less marked. The chart is a statisticians delight, it over-emphasises the variance. Barnet Council need to think up a brand new waste and recycling strategy.

The performance for 10/11 has been worse than for 09/10.

No green on this page.

Plenty of risk here.

Only 3 months to wait for the next report.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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