19 October 2011

Top Secret Audit Report

Recently Mr Mustard had to leave a committee meeting as councillors wanted to discuss exempt business. Mr Mustard doubted that the matter was so secret that he, as a council tax payer, couldn't know about it. He therefore submitted a Freedom of Information request. 

You don't like Mr Mustard making FOI requests do you Cllr Thomas but what choice was there? The council hide two little charts; of course Mr Mustard will want to see them. 

Was this request answered promptly? No, it took from 21 September to 17 October for a response.

Did it take 9 hours to answer? No, it took 9 minutes.

Has there been a single request yet that took 9 hours? No, how is the apology coming along Cllr Thomas? Knowing Barnet Council it will have to go through 6 drafts before it can be released.

Here is what he wasn't allowed to see at the meeting 

click to enlarge; back to return

Were these two charts really worth the trouble of passing a motion that the public ( only Mr Mustard was actually in attendance ) be excluded from the meeting.

You are high on your own self importance Barnet Council and you are getting it all wrong.

Will Barnet grind to a halt now that the public can see these two charts? Correct, no they won't.

Is Audit patently under-staffed? Yes it is.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Thank God you were prevented from seeing this highly sensitive information, Mr Mustard, and therefore were not tempted to share it with a wider audience. Can you imagine the panic on the streets of Barnet if this got out? NO RISK MANAGER! God help us all. We are just sitting ducks now. How will Messrs Walkely and Travers cross the road without the advice and support they so badly need?

  2. I thought you were in a convent now, Mrs A?

  3. yes: but I've been allowed a few minutes break in between sweeping up leaves and starching my vestments, Mr Mustard, and praying for your lost soul, of course.

  4. oy: Mr Mustard, we've been discussing your tights over in Broken Barnet: much interest ...


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