4 October 2011

Highland Gardens Tree Trail

Mr Mustard is delighted to bring you a guest blog on behalf of the Highland Gardens Tree Trail.

You have struck lucky Mr Wicksteed because Mr Mustard is fond of trees and his alter ego is a member of the Royal Forestry Society. Mr Mustard has therefore registered with the NatWest ( I don't suppose they will want to give a fictitious character a bank account - there also might be some problems in producing identity documents! ) and cast a vote already in favour of this project which is a delightful Big Society initiative. When he gets a minute, not many of those free, Mr Mustard is also going to pop along and have a look at the trees.

As it happens Mr Mustard lived for several years in Woodville Rd, New Barnet and so was only about a kilometre from Highland Gardens and yet he never knew it existed. Mr Mustard hopes that this extra publicity will lead to extra votes and more tree loving visitors for Highland Gardens. If you are in Barnet and fancy a walk, why not walk their way.

Mr Mustard,

The Friends of Highlands Gardens, in New Barnet near the Odeon, have applied for a grant from NatWest bank's Community Force fund to set up a tree trail, and we were wondering if you could mention us on your blog please? We only get the money if enough people vote for us, and we would like to let the people of Barnet know about it. All the details are at NatWest Community Force or here.

Highlands Gardens has some rather unusual trees which we think people would like to know more about. We have already prepared the artwork for plaques, and just need some funds to get them made into permanent signs. There's a sample for the Black Walnut on the NatWest web site.

I do understand that your blog is more about politics, but I thought it was worth asking.


Charles Wicksteed
Abbotts Road, New Barnet
Webmaster, www.highlandsgardens.org.uk 

Mr Mustard is delighted to have been of assistance. If you have a worthwhile local project that you would like to be blogged about then feel free to send details to Mr Mustard and to the other members of the famous five bloggers of Barnet - as approved of by Eric Pickles MP, details to the side or links here

Broken Barnet ( Mrs Angry )

who are all doing their bit to make Barnet a better place, despite Barnet Council's best efforts.

Oh, whilst we are on the subject of Barnet Council, lots of council employees and councillors read this blog so do please, in your tea break naturally, register and vote for Highland Gardens. As there are 3,000 of you this could make a big difference and it doesn't cost anything.

Better (wild) service (trees) for less money!

At long last, the slogan is true!

Here is a picture of a Wild Service Tree ( you can join or find out more about the RFS here )

Picture credit : Epping Forest District Council & others
Look what a lovely resource they have put in place at Epping ( nothing like this in Barnet )

Epping Forest trees

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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