17 October 2011

FOI 1042 - CPZ markings

Here is another FOI request that I made that should have involved the council with a simple database look-up. Instead it turns out that despite the millions spent on computer systems they don't know have information at their fingertips.

Question ( 8 June )

Please provide me with copies of all reports or findings or notes or records of any description that record instances of the entry signs, bay markings, and bay signs, within all CPZ zones, not being in accordance with the relevant regulations since 1 April 2010.

Answer ( 6 July - that wouldn't be on the 20th day now would it ? )

Our system does not allow us to identify reports from customers that relate to CPZ markings and signs not being in accordance with the relevant regulations. The figures below show the number of reports recorded under each category relating to road markings and road signs.

3     x 'Complaints - Parking Signs and Lines'
150 x  'Parking Signs and Lines'
132 x  'Road Markings - Maintenance'
42   x  'Road Markings - Request for new'
35   x  'Road Signs'
120 x  'Road Signs - Maintenance'
39   x  'Road Signs - Request for new'
Total = 521
Without entering into each record, it is not possible to determine the exact nature of the report, and whether it is relevant to your request, which it would be manifestly unreasonable to do.


There are 521 unresolved complaints about lines and signs. Despite bringing in several million a year in permits, parking fees and fines the council seems unable to play fair by ensuring that all lines and signs are clear and unambiguous. You know what that means dear reader, take a good look at the lines and signs next time you get a ticket and then appeal.

Did this reply take long, 9 hours maybe as Cllr Thomas suggests the average request takes. You have seen 3 so far and this one shouldn't have taken long. Certainly less than one hour.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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