13 October 2011

FOI 1040

As readers will know Cllr Thomas has said one blogger cost the council £40,000 to answer their 175 FOI requests across 6 months. Cllr Thomas might think that because of what he said the number of requests has gone down. The number of requests Mr Mustard has made has gone down but that is because he has been doing other things. Normal service will shortly be resumed.

Nothing will persuade Mr Mustard that he should curtail his use of the democratic right to information which is enshrined in legislation.

The average request cost £225 according to Cllr Thomas and that is supposedly the result of 9 hours work at the standard calculation rate of £25 per hour.

Mr Mustard applies reference numbers to each of his requests. Mr Mustard is going to go back to 1 June and start publishing many of his requests so that readers can see that Cllr Thomas is making a mountain out of a molehill e.g.


Have any purchases been made from Collective Wisdom Ltd since 1 April 2010?

If yes, what has been purchased and what price was paid please ?

No payments made. ( If you know this answer to be incorrect please send information anonymously to Mr Mustard )


5 or 10 minutes work for that answer ?

The question was made on 3 June and Mr Mustard had to remind the council on 24 July - the answer came on  29 July. Mr Mustard is relieved that he did not ask anything difficult as if so he would have been waiting until doomsday for a reply.

Mr Mustard has legitimate grounds for complaint; Cllr Thomas does not.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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