28 October 2011

It's too late

Mr Mustard's moles are everywhere in Barnet Council. There was a witch hunt in Human Resources when I mentioned my mole there and even Smiley wouldn't have found him/her. Can the interim AD of HR be compared to such a shining intellect? - doesn't smile much apparently.
Anyway, where was I? After praising non-stick Nick yesterday I have been sent his weekly message by courier in a brown envelope ( Mr Mustard is so pleased that money isn't wasted on white envelopes ) and Mr Mustard always looks forward to these £1,000 masterpieces. Here we go:

When I became Chief Executive, I made a series of commitments to staff and Members. One of these was to ensure an ongoing corporate focus on safeguarding. This week’s budget demonstrates this with, in very tough financial circumstances, further funding to meet pressures in those areas that deal with the most vulnerable.

Next week also sees the launch of Safeguarding Month with a whole range of activities designed to ensure that everyone treats safeguarding as part of their role.

Whether it’s concern for the welfare of a child, ensuring elderly friends or relatives stay safe and warm during winter or reporting suspicions of domestic violence, safeguarding really is at the heart of the council’s values and everything we do.

Can I urge you to attend the launch on Tuesday 1 November and to fully engage with the sessions taking place during the rest of the month. The one-hour launch in the Oak Room at NLBP kicks off at 12noon and will include talks and a Q&A from, among others, Councillor Andrew Harper, Cabinet Member for Children, Education and Families, and Dr Laura Fabunmi and Dr Andrew Burnett from the NHS.

It may feel at this time that public service is often under attack from the popular media (blogs, is that?). I am of the very firm view that the best response is to focus on those things we do and must do well. Safeguarding is one of those issues. Get it wrong and the impact on individuals can be catastrophic and public confidence in the Council lost and difficult to recover. Get it right and we can improve lives for many.


If anyone has a copy of the commitments mentioned in the first line Mr Mustard would love to receive a copy so they can be armchair audited.
It would seem that this email has been received as an example of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted as the message which came with it from a disgruntled council employee was

"It's all too late"

Mr Mustard doesn't need to add anything to that.
Have a lovely weekend.
Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. ffs: is this the same council who exposed at risk chidren to risk from unlicensed, non CRB checked security staff, and then refused to investigate any potential impact on the same children, despite the clear safeguarding implications?

  2. I do believe it is Mrs Angry and that another resident has some highly interesting letters on the matter which she might be about to share with us.


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