21 October 2011

4 wheels bad; 2 wheels even worse

Transport Local Implementation Plan

Mr Mustard's previous blog was about how difficult life will become for motorists in Barnet but it seems to be worse for cyclists whose lives are at risk whenever they are near motor vehicles. Mr Mustard is often aboard his powered two wheeler and occasionally rides his pushbike. When in a car he does give other road users, whether cycling , walking, or on horseback, plenty of room and consideration.

The provision for cyclists in Barnet is poor. Here is a recent submisison by Barnet Cyclists ( who have no idea they will be on this blog )

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and here is the Transport for London summary.

Local Implementation Plan (LIP) Feedback Form

Overall Score Inadequate

Dear Jane and colleagues - Many thanks for submitting your draft LIP on 14 February 2011. You will see below a summary of TfL's comments and in each of the tabs within this spreadsheet additional detail is provided on the recommended actions to address the matters raised. I hope you find this feedback helpful and I would encourage you to meet with TfL officers to discuss the comments provided. Best regards. David Rowe, Head of Borough Projects & Programmes.

London borough Barnet

Date received 14 February 2011

Name of borough officer Jane Shipman

Date of TfL feedback

Name of accountable TfL Manager



Overall comments and summary of actions

As currently drafted this LIP does not adequately address the requirements of the GLA Act 1999 or the Second LIP Guidance issued in May 2010. This is principally because the objectives and delivery plan interventions as described will not adequately deliver the MTS Goals as required by the GLA Act 1999 "A LIP must contain each particular borough's proposals for the implementation in its area of the policies and proposals (or as interpreted regarding the revised MTS, the MTS Goals) contained in the MTS". At present they are too narrowly defined to satisfactorily address the MTS Goals in their entirety. Unless the final draft addresses this issue it will not be considered adequate for Mayoral approval.

Other issues that need to be addressed are as follows:
- there are no demonstrable links between the objectives and the SRTP, SCS and LDF
- the timelines attached to the objectives do not adequately reflect the timeframe of the MTS
- there is not enough information in the 'Local Context' section to adequately provide the evidence required to support the objectives
- similarly, there is not enough information to support the objectives or delivery plan regarding transport issues in the borough
- more information is required regarding the SEA, EqIA and HAMP
- information is required about the borough's AQAP
- the timeframes of the delivery plan interventions need to reflect those of the objectives
- the types of intervention as described do not adequately support delivery of the targets
- a table showing all potential sources of funding needs to be added
- more detail is required regarding the cycle parking and better streets high priority outputs
- a risk assessment needs to be added
- the cycling mode share and total casualties targets are not sufficiently ambitious and should be revised
- information is required on the means by which progress against the performance indicators will be monitored - there are a number of statements regarding bus services that requires further discussion and agreement with TfL prior to drafting the final LIP.

Strategic Fit Not adequate
See the summary above and the more detailed comments in the Strategic Fit sheet.

Consultation More info req.
See the more detailed comments in the Strategic Fit

Programme of Investment Not adequate
See the summary above and the more detailed comments in the Strategic Fit

Performance Management Plan More info req.
Refer to comments in the Strategic Fit and Performance Management sheets.

Next Steps/Timeline

* Please note the Annual Spending Submission (ASS) is a separate process.

sorry this chart should be in the empty box above.
As you probably noticed the 4 box blue chart is complete rubbish as the boxes 3 & 4 should refer to 2011.

Here is the accurate summary of my informant.

Thought you might be interested in the responses to the proposed Transport LIP (Local Implementation Plan). A big fat fail from TfL
It is only a couple of years until your local councillor puffs up your drive. Ask them about the provision for cyclists and why a lovely blue superhighway was refused and if you don't like the answer, vote with your wheels.

Yours, a bit out of breath
Mr Mustard

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