11 October 2011

Barnet Advocacy Service

Whilst buying a bottle of wine and flowers at his local Waitrose on Friday Mr Mustard noticed that the Barnet Advocacy Service was one of the 3 charities who will share in a £1,000 payout this month.

If you don't shop at Waitrose please let Mr Mustard explain. Each time that you shop you are given a green plastic token when you pay. At the exit to the store are 3 large clear money boxes and you choose which charity's box to put your token into. At the end of the month the tokens are weighed and the £1,000 is divided according to the weight of the tokens put in each of the 3 boxes.

Mr Mustard took a look on the website of the Barnet Advocacy Service here and thought of the people who spoke so movingly at the BAPS residents forum about the difficulties that people in need of real help have in getting Barnet Council to provide it if they can't afford a Solicitor.

The Barnet Advocacy Service won't know unless they read it that they are on the Mr Mustard blog.

All that matters is that they might be able to help you or someone that you know. So take a look at their website and spread the word.

Thank you.

Yours frugally
Mr Mustard


  1. a bottle of wine AND flowers, Mr Mustard? What had you done wrong, apart from be unfaithful to Mrs Mustard, you cad?

  2. It wasn't like that Mrs A - we have a film supper club in the street - one person cooks and shows a film and the other 3 bring choccies, flowers, wine, popcorn etc. All perfectly platonic.

    And before TV licensing come round - Mr Mustard shows his films using a dvd player to a screen.


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