3 October 2011

Back from his holidays ( just a long weekend )

Mr Mustard has quite a full life and didn't reaaly have time to defend himself from the stupid PR stunt of Barnet Council about the supposed costs of FOI, put out in the name of Cllr Thomas, as for 3 days he was thrashing around the circuit at Portimao. World Superbikes are there in 2 weeks time if you are interested.

The keen motorcyclists amongst you will have spotted that he is on an old Honda Hornet with a rather challenging 16" front wheel because his new Aprilia Tuono V4 only arrived after the lorry to go to Portugal had been loaded. Thus instead of 160bhp he had only about 80bhp but he still had a good time.

not about to fall off !

long right hander, in at about 60mph and out at 100mph, fully cranked over
great view, I never saw it!

So for the non-motorcylists, instead of over-revving, the over-spending of Barnet Council will once again be the subject.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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