18 October 2011

Parking outsourcing - innocent favouritism ?

Barnet Council don't have a permanent head of parking. Perhaps this is because they think that once the service has been privatised they won't need one. Mr Mustard thinks they will need one more than ever. Below and left there is a copy and paste of the linked-in page of the Interim Head of Parking.

He is ready for a new challenge. But Barnet's parking service is in a right mess Mr McArdle. Shouldn't you stay and sort that out before you drive off to new pastures ?

Who is that former employer of yours? National Car Parks. What are they called now ? NSL isn't it? It is always hard to keep up with corporate life but part of NCP became NSL, see here.

Now who are in the running to provide parking enforcement services to Barnet Council but NSL.

Sadly Mr Mustard does not seem to find the time these days to meditate ( the worst possible sin of a meditator ) but he does remember from his days of practising Transendental Meditation that you had to clear your mind and yet still think of your mantra ( Barnet Council councillors and staff have to repeat One Barnet is Good over and over again ) and the way that one did this was to "innocently favour" the mantra.

Now Mr Mustard has never met Mr McArdle and he has no reason to think that he is anything other than an honest man but Mr Mustard does rather think that Mr McArdle will find it difficult to do anything other than to innocently favour NSL. It would be better if Mr McArdle were not involved in the evaluation of the company which will supply parking services to Barnet.

Cllr Coleman has enthused about Westminster's cashless parking. Let us hope that he is aware of the shortcomings of their contractor's performance, by, yes you guessed, NSL.

Please see Nutsville's excellent blog on the subject.

NSL don't seem to understand rules. See this in the Standard.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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