5 October 2011

The One Barnet Partnership Board - The Big Yawn

Here are the last published minutes of the One Barnet Partnership Board which you can read a little about on the council website here.

Now this body supposedly meets every 2 or 3 months but the latest published minutes are for March 2011. Perhaps summer holidays are more important than the most far reaching & ambitious change ever experimented with ( using your money )  in Barnet? That, or the council website is, as usual, in arrears with updates.

What is the board all about?

The One Barnet Partnership Board brings together the organisations in the Borough responsible for the quality of life in the area by addressing important issues affecting those who live and work here, such as health, housing, community safety, transport and education.
The members of the board are:
  • Cllr Richard Cornelius, Leader of the Council
  • Cllr Andrew Harper, Deputy Leader
  • Cllr Robert Rams, Cabinet Member for Customer Access and Partnerships
  • Alison Blair, Borough Director, NHS Barnet
  • Carol Morris, District Manager, Job Centre plus
  • Nick Walkley, Chief Executive
  • Andrew Travers, Deputy Chief Executive, Barnet Council
  • Chief Supt Neil Basu, Barnet Borough Commander, Metropolitan Police
So, no transport representative from a railway company, London Underground, or a bus company. Joined up government at it's very best.

Here are the minutes in the dreadful layout in which they were produced.

click to enlarge; back to return

Now let us look at page 1 first. 

There is a plan to have a private sector appointment to the board. Will they be from Capita or Serco? Is the fox about to be introduced to the Hen House?

Community Coaching. It isn't available yet; Mr Mustard has tried to get some for his FOI OCD ( if this joke is in poor taste Mr Mustard will remove it - he did genuinely try to get some coaching for a friend of a friend to no avail.)

At the top of page 2 there is a reference to five questions and then four are listed. Can someone not count to five or is one omitted in error?

In summary Item 2 was a load of waffle which will end up in a report some time in the future. Great.

Item 3. Partners can't keep up with One Barnet's demands. No surprise there. Conclusion; talk some more. Great.

Item 4 is a good idea but it isn't working because others aren't committed to it ( what must it be like trying to work with Barnet Council? - answers on a postcard please ) and the Department for Work and Pensions can't give their data out willy nilly to all and sundry, naturally.

Looks like a talking shop to Mr Mustard that doesn't really get anything much achieved.

Why were the minutes previously Top Secret; perhaps because they were so dire?

as close to Barnet's corporate colour of Teal as possible
Picture copyright to the site here ( ladies, don't go there - just don't )

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Mr Mustard, you should be ashamed of yourself. I was having my breakfast, too.
    Robert Rams, you should also be ashamed of yourself, but for different reasons. Where are the minutes?
    Poor Insp Basu, having to sit at a table with that lot.

  2. That was a case of the unknown unknowns. Now I know.


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