17 October 2011

Merda taurorum animas conturbit

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The translation of the Latin heading is "Bullshit Baffles Brains"

The above Strategic Review cost £19,000.

Mr Mustard obtained this report by exercising his right to Freedom of Information - the very right that Cllr Thomas does not like him to use. Given the nature of the information released ( itself only a 5 minute job to find although 22 calendar days later ) I would, if I was Cllr Thomas, be trying to hide it as it is so embarrassing. 

Also today in response to an article in the Barnet Times about tomorrow's strike 

Cllr Thomas also said any savings made from staff wages ( not being paid to strikers ) would be directed into public services. ( is £19,000 paid to Agilisys & Impower a public service or a public disservice? Discuss )

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard 


  1. Hope you noticed that
    "there is too much misinterpretation clouding judgement and focus".

    Are they blaming you, Mr Mustard?

    If and when it all fails, blame the Famous Five bloggers!

    Hoc onus olim ruderibus

  2. This once rubbish burden ?

    Mr Mustard didn't exist when this report was written.

    He does like the One Barnet Operational Group as it's 1BOG for short.

  3. Bah! Autotranslations! It was meant to be A Load of Rubbish.

    Nevertheless, "This one rubbish burden" is still rubbish, and still a burden.

    And if you wait for the 326, you often think it's a ruderibus.


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