7 May 2012

Revs & bens - if it ain't broke...

Captain Cooper's Ford Cortina after he fixed it!
Mr Mustard buys, refurbishes and re-sells properties in Barnet. Thus he is in frequent contact with Revs & Bens. He can't talk about the collections section firsthand as he pays his bills on time but the stats speak for themselves, collections are pretty good. There is very little room to improve and plenty of room to get it wrong. The contacts Mr Mustard has had so far with other staff have been exemplary.

Mr Mustard heard Bill Murphy speaking to the Audit Committee one evening 2 weeks ago. It was awful to listen to. If he wasn't so polite Mr Mustard would say that he should be called Bill Bullshit Murphy but he is so will he will settle on Bill "Buzzword Bingo" Murphy. What does he know about Revs & Bens? Judging by this report Agilisys don't know much either.

UNISON Response to Revenues and Benefits Final 2 May 2012 UNISON Appendices Revenues and Benefits 2 May 2012

Barnet Council. Please take Unison up on their offer as they have an expert who knows more about Revs & Bens than your consultants. 

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Unison are developing a nasty taste for anti-Semitism and, frankly, anything they say should be ignored.



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