29 May 2012

Lucy - please scrap the Brent Cross over expansion

We will listen..........

Well here is your chance at the Brent Cross Coalition.

Email Lucy and tell her you are opposed to the Brent Cross expansion plan and she will listen to your views. What are you waiting for?, get emailing.

Don't send your email to that first.contact bucket but cut out the middleman and send it direct to Lucy at lucy.shomali@barnet.gov.uk

If she doesn't listen do please tell Mr Mustard and he will let the world know that the screensaver is comprised of empty words.

There won't of course be any regeneration or growth in town centres whilst they are being strangled by the council's sky high parking charges and the fact that it is not possible to pay at the point of parking with cash or credit card so Lucy's salary is a bit of a waste. £86,823 in case you wondered.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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