16 May 2012

The Only Way is Sussex

East Sussex Concert Band are already in Barnet corporate teal

Mr Mustard gives anonymous credit to the person who came up with the headline.

His would have been "Can a black hole exist in two places at once?"

Here is the news from East Sussex County Council

All change in Corporate Resources

Thursday 29 March 2012

Interim management arrangements are in place for the Corporate Resources Department following the announcement that Sean Nolan is to leave his post.

Following the Appointments Panel, we are pleased to welcome Andrew Travers as our Interim Director of Corporate Resources. He will concentrate on leading the department and reviewing our corporate functions with Members, Assistant Directors and the Chief Officers’ Management Team.
Andrew is a qualified accountant and very experienced in senior corporate resources roles in local government. He is currently the Interim Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer at the London Borough of Barnet and will combine his work at Barnet with his role here.

We also welcome Rita Greenwood to CRD. She will work alongside Andrew and John Morris, Assistant Director Corporate Resources, to lead and review Corporate Property.
This dual role status can only have negative effects for Barnet Council. It is normal for employees to have in their employment contract a clause which prohibits them from doing a second job without the employer's permission. Travers doesn't have an employment contract because he is a Town Hall Tax Dodger (as Eric Pickles MP would say) and there is nothing in the consultancy agreement with Halliford Associates Ltd that covers this, in fact as the agreement requires 40 hours a week in Barnet, there must a later version. 
Travers should either go to East Sussex or stay here, not have a foot in both camps. Mr Mustard votes that he goes to East Sussex.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


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