6 May 2012

Caption competition

Mr Mustard hasn't had a caption competition for a while and so, with the following picture being so interesting, the time is ripe.

for some reason Brian raised one of his feet off the ground.
Brian used to think he could raise both feet off the ground in Barnet and walk on water but it wasn't ever the case. The electorate have, at long last, found him out.

For those of you new to politics, Mike Freer, MP for Finchley & Golders Green, is on the left chewing his finger, Brian Coleman ex London Assembly Member is on the right and the man in the middle is a Lib Dem, name not known, let's call him Mr X (doesn't mark the spot obviously). In the background with the hat on is former Barnet Council councillor Dan Hope of the Barnet Bugle and what he can't do with a tripod isn't worth doing.

So for the funniest caption, please put them in the comment box, there is a prize. Oooooooh!

The no expense spared prize is a Mr Mustard T-shirt ( L or XL). These are a limited edition and not available on the High Street.

It will be handy to clean the car in or with!

Remember, nothing defamatory, nothing crude, just funny. Away you go.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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