18 May 2012

Barnet's least wanted

Another title suggested to Mr Mustard by one of his followers, unamused by their eyeballs being assaulted by the ever changing array of desperate screensavers that he/she/it sees early in the morning. This is what passes for communication in the corridors of North London Business Park.

I am keen; is everyone?

"I want" but will they?

hopefully the website won't replace human interaction

aah, customer journeys.

ms green light
This pack of AD's is currently up for reduction as part of the management reshuffle which will see 1/3rd of them go. Perfect time to advertise them then.

Here today and possibly......................

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Nice to see Maryellen Salter has something to smile about at last.

    I know Joe Henry's mum, who is very nice.

    That's all.

  2. Cripes, I didn't realise at first that these posters had the ADs and other senior managers on them.

    I honestly think that top brass at Barnet Council live in a dream world. With the redundancies and so on going on, the idea that these posters would motivate any staff member to do anything but scribble on them with a marker pen is absurd.

    Discretion really would be the better part of valour, but they don't realise that.



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