4 May 2012

Black Friday

Brian Coleman has been beaten to the next 4 year term as a London Assembly Member by the former Labour MP for Hendon, Andrew Dismore.

It wasn't that Brian Coleman needed an afternoon nap to be able to cope with the demanding duties of being a London Assembly Member but what he did when awake that finally, after 12 long hard years, led to his comeuppance.

Amazing as it may seem, despite what must surely be some of the worst behaviour of any councillor in England, there were 53,378 voters who stuck their cross in the Coleman box. It is a pity that the John Baldy Blog, 101 Reasons to Sack Brian Coleman, was not printed out and hand delivered to every household (now there is an idea for 2014) as otherwise Brian would have taken a greater pasting than he did today.

Mrs Angry and Citizen Barnet have been at the count today at Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally as it is widely called). Mrs Angry, who writes the Broken Barnet blog, praised the efforts of Helen Michael of Cafe Buzz who has been leading the business troops of North Finchley to up and revolt against the parking disaster (increased fees and the pay-by-phone method) of which Brian was the chief architect.

Credit is due to Helen as the council have been trying to bully her and are falsely suspecting her of being a fly-poster which, if the council looked at its own cctv, they would instantly be able to disprove.

Mrs Angry needs to acknowledge her own contribution and that of the other famous five Barnet bloggers and others such as Adam Bienkov (obliged to you Adam) and Adam Langleben who have all been blogging and tweeting for all they are worth and the CPZ campaign and the Barnet Alliance for Public Services who leafleted thousands of houses.

Here are links to some blogs who have been on an Anyone But Coleman crusade (some of these are evidently Labour supporters but many different coloured shoulders united to topple Brian)

Mrs Angry of Broken Barnet
Citizen Morris
The Barnet Eye
Mr Reasonable
Adam Bienkov
Adam Langleben
Barnet CPZ Appeal

Mr Mustard also did his bit. Here is the house he has for sale in sight of the Chipping Barnet (library) polling station  which seems to be full of Anyone But Coleman posters

and here is the blogger bus parked at the top of the road on the opposite side of the polling station

hits on the blog were up thanks to the advert for bloggers

lots of people stopped to read the posters

and Mr Mustard reckons that accounted for at least a score of undecided voters.

Here are the declared numbers:

Dismore / Labour 74,677
Coleman / Conservative 53,378
Poppy / Green 17,904 (Jenny Jones is Mr Mustard's second choice for mayor)
Richards / Lib Dem 13,800
Corby / Fresh Choice 7,331 

Turnout 38%

Now the planning starts for 2014. Brian has started something; we will finish it.

Mr Mustard can't go without mentioning another Barnet Councillor, Sachin Rajput, who despite being a Barnet resident and supposedly a very busy barrister, found the time to stand in Brent & Harrow. Navin Shah, Labour, only got in in 2008 by 1,649 votes over his Conservative opponent. Rajput must have thought he stood a good chance but he has been an unmitigated disaster; Navin Shah has picked up 48% of the vote so far (85% of votes have been counted) and Rajput has a miserable 28%, even worse than the widely loathed Brian Coleman. What a spanking.

Come on Cornelius, let's have a reshuffle. You don't want losers in your Cabinet.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

The following picture is copyright so there is just a link to it.

Black Friday leads to Black face.

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