15 May 2012

One Barnet blatherings 8 May 12

tripe is readily available in Barnet

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Dear colleague

The last fortnight has been packed with meetings (meetings, bloody meetings, what about some real work?) as Estates, Procurement and Corporate Programmes, and the Advisory Group, and our Schools stakeholder group, met with BT and Capita, alongside the ongoing core dialogue meetings, and the regular finance and HR stream meetings. The service meetings are an opportunity for service leads to put challenges to the bidders on how the new provider will operate. Don't let the tail wag the dog. Tell the bidder what they are to provide.

The Core dialogue meetings discuss strategic and cross-cutting aspects of delivering the contract and partnership. One aspect of this that we have been talking about in the past fortnight is technology and information management. We can expect better investment in technology and information systems over the term of the contract, which will support continuous improvement of processes and a better experience for customers.  Which is not a free lunch. Whatever technology the bidder provides will have to be paid for by Barnet residents.

The Schools’ Stakeholders Group, which consists of a group of head teachers from across the borough who currently use one or more of the traded services in scope, also met both bidders last week, and set out the challenges they want the bidders to develop solutions for. In particular, the Heads have made it clear how much they value the expertise and personal service they currently receive from the traded services teams and their keenness for this to continue. Personal service from BT - impossible, they are just too big.

You will be aware that the Customer Services Transformation programme is happening in parallel to NSCSO procurement, and one consequence of this is that there will be new members of staff identified as part of the scope of the NSCSO TUPE transfer. These staff will be offered the same opportunity to ‘Meet the bidders’ as everyone else has had, and these sessions will take place in July. That means we are trying to outsource a moving target. Not a good management decision. So even more staff are to be outsourced. There won't be enough people left at NLBP to field a five-a-side team.

The TUPE frequently asked questions have been updated and are available on the intranet. You might be particularly interested in updates to the questions about pensions. We have also updated some of the NSCSO intranet pages and there is now information on Who’s Who in NSCSO* including, the advisory group, service leads and representatives on the staff group for each area.

There are new dates available for the Change and Me Workshop, and I would encourage all staff to attend. The dates and times are below, along with further TUPE workshop dates. If you would like to book onto a session, please email onebarnet@barnet.gov.uk:

*Who's Who in NSCSO
Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:07 chloe.morales-oyarce 
Project Team (if Mr Mustard has failed to identify any consultants please do let him know)
Kari Manovitch, Project Director
Alison Woodcraft, Project Manager Commercial Services
Jennifer Burt, One Barnet Lead – HR and Change Consultant
Frances Hubbard, Project Co-ordinator Commercial Services
Basil Jaber, Assistant Project Manager Commercial Services
John Hooton, Assistant Director Strategic Finance Corporate Services
John Newton, NSCSO Commercial Lead Consultant
Patrick Drysdale, Finance Consultant Consultant
Susan Lowe, Procurement Manager Corporate Procurement Team
redacted, Business Support Officer Commercial Services

Advisory Group
Martin Cowie, Project Director of DRS was Head of Planning and Development
Lauren Doody, Head of Customer Services
Stephen Evans, Assistant Director of Strategy Chief Exec's Service
Clair Green, Head of Caft
Mathew Kendall. Assistant Director Performance and Supply Management, Adult Social Services
Jonathan Tunde-Wright. Corporate Web Manager
Val White, Assistant Director Partnership Performance and Planning, Children's Services

Service Leads
HR - Mark Rudd, Head of HR Services Delivery
Finance - Maria Christofi, Finance Manager and John Hooton, Corporate Services
IS - Kevin Girling, IT Strategy Consultant
Customer Services - Lauren Doody, Head of Customer Services
Revenues and Benefits - Patricia Driver Benefits Area Manager,and Rowena Gates, Local Taxation Manager
Estates - TBC
Corporate Programmes - James Wills-Fleming, Major Project Team, Children's Services
Procurement - Lesley Meeks, Assistant Director Commercial Assurance  (possibly a Town Hall Tax Dodger as Eric Pickles MP would say)

Why are there so many people in the 3 groups above. What the dickens are they all doing? Is anyone in charge, does anyone know what is going on? At least the next group know what happens when, on a day-to-day basis.

Staff Group Representatives
HR - Stephen Cranfield and Alisha Gervais
Finance – Tina Mascio and Samat Sharda
IS – Steve Tann and Anne-Marie Ford
Schools ICT Support Service – Tony Rafferty and Sally Bellinger
Customer Services – Simon Fielder or Hina Khosa
Revenues & Benefits – Heidi Velloen or Nicola Jones
Estates – Ashley Wright, Jill Parmenter and Sean Patten
Corporate Programmes – Ciaran Bennett
Procurement – Martyn Carter
Cllr Thomas remarked recently and adversely upon the glacial pace of change at Barnet Council. It must take for ever to get anything done when this many people are involved. Imagine the Barnet Council team in the Olympics for the coxless pairs, here it is:

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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